Blog Every Day in May: Favorite Quote

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm linking up again with Blog Every Day in May.

May 4: Favorite quote and why you love it

I am amazed by the power of words and how God can speak to me through a single sentence. It's often through words by other people, whether spoken or written, that God has encouraged me during difficult times in my life.

I favorite a lot of quotes on Twitter and a little over a month ago around Easter there was a quote from Pastor Pete Wilson that spoke to my heart.

"The cross is proof that God doesn't always change the circumstance but He ALWAYS has a purpose for the circumstance." -Pastor Pete Wilson

Those words reminded me that for everything that happens, God truly does have a reason. God watched His son be killed on a cross and while that had to have brought horrific pain to Him, He knew He couldn't stop it because if He did we all would be forever lost. God knew the whole picture; He knew what would happen if He didn't let Jesus die. He also knew the amazing resurrection that was to come.

It reminds me that while there are things that are difficult in life, God sees all. He knows why they have to happen and He also knows the beauty that will come of them.


  1. beautiful.....this was a new quote for me, but I definitely just wrote it down. Think I may tape it to my bathroom mirror.

  2. I love this quote!! Going to become a craft project VERY soon! Thanks, Brooke.



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