Your Past is Not Your Future

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm not talented enough. People will think I'm silly for trying. 

That lie kept me from trying new things.

I'm not talkative enough. People won't like me. 

That lie kept me from getting involved and meeting new people.

I'm not pretty enough. No boy will ever love me.

That lie kept me from putting myself out there for any boy to like me, much less love me.

That was my past---it's not my life now, nor is it my future.

I'd be lying if I said those lies still don't sometime creep into my head, but God has opened my eyes to what they truly are. A turning point for me was taking Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study a couple of years ago and finally realizing the truth---the truth that all of those self-destructive thoughts in my head were lies from the devil intended to keep me from living the life God wants me to live. I began to wonder what all had I missed out on due to those lies.

So, while those lies still try to force their way into my life, they no longer rule it, they no longer keep me from pursuing God's will for this journey He has me on.

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